The Warren Buffet Collection – Classy Elegance at Its Best

The Warren Barnett Milwaukee interior design store is located in the heart of Milwaukee’s downtown. ” Inspired interiors, from ceiling to floor. Warren Barnett Interiors provides more than just beautiful furniture – we offer a way to get calm in the hustle and bustle of everyday life by creating peace in architecture. We subscribe to the theory that visual effect is made up of elegant balance and refined simplicity. Trained in interior design, composition, and art, our skilled team can help you build an extraordinary, magazine-quality living space.”

Warren Barnett Milwaukee furniture store

According to their web site, ” Warren and Associates is a private, family owned business since 1970 that specializes in residential and commercial furniture, cabinetry, accessories, flooring, lighting, countertops, bathroom accessories, home entertainment systems, water features, landscaping, and art.” While the buffet description does not mention any form of formal training, it appears that at least some of their talented employees have attended some form of formal training. One section of their web site boasts of their “Inner Arts Masters Certificate”, which is presented to associates in Interior Design. They further claim that their staff are comprised of “fluent writers with award-winning academic portfolios”.

When I went to check out Warren and Associates, I was greeted by a very large office space with an extremely friendly and engaging staff. The entire atmosphere was surprisingly upbeat and energized. Their customers were treated very well. The employees made it easy for me to feel comfortable, whether I was just stepping out of the door or having a long conversation with a designer. Everyone seemed genuinely interested in making customers happy, whether it was simply to say thank you or to make me aware of upcoming sales. They were also helpful when I had questions about products, prices, or even planning my next trip to Wisconsin, which is a city far to the north of Milwaukee.

When I arrived at the desk of the handsome receptionist, I was greeted with a cup of coffee and a smile. I had a tough time trying to determine which one of her many awards and plaques that covered the walls would fall on my head first. After she had taken care of that, I was introduced to Associate Designer Frank Berry. He quickly grabbed my hand and led me into the wood aisle, which was in full swing with a huge assortment of different woods and cabinets. A couple of shelves on either side of Berry’s desk contained beautiful antique oak pieces, as well as a wide variety of cabinets, tables, seating, and other interior design accoutrements.

As I admired the selection of items, I noticed that the designers had obviously spent quite a bit of time choosing the perfect fixtures to compliment the decor. As I admired Berry’s work, I couldn’t help myself from asking him about his background and what he could do for my home. He patiently explained that he was an interior designer and that his firm served clients in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, California, and Florida. He knew the furniture business, having worked for some of the best in the field for over thirty years.

When I asked him about his inspiration, he talked about how he wanted to provide customers with high quality, elegant furnishings that were timeless, but always had a beautiful, simple aesthetic feel to them. His goal was to create “interior environments” that were calming, yet inspiring. To achieve this, he wanted to bring in experienced designers who understood the value of timelessness and would go beyond the typical expectations people have of an everyday life furniture store. So how did he accomplish this? By listening to his customers. By listening to their desires and wants, rather than simply following trends set by the masses.

As he talked with more clients, he realized they all had one thing in common. They wanted an elegant touch, something that would make their homes not just a living space, but a room they felt very happy to be in. He knew this was key to his long-term success, so he slowly began to add finishing touches to his furniture stores by including exquisite flooring and decorative pieces like custom cabinets and bar stools. Eventually, his stores had a very refined feel and setting that gave customers a comfortable place to live.

When I visited his store one Saturday morning, I was impressed by how his attention to detail seemed almost endless. There were clean lines and a very calm elegance about them. With his focus on quality and finishing touches, he created a very unique atmosphere. From the wood cabinets to the bar stools, everything looked sharp and new. With his attention to detail and ability to match products to his clients, Warren buffet turned into a furniture mecca for me and my friends. This is especially useful in today’s economy when so many people are looking for great deals and affordable furniture.